Yep. Her name is KENNY.

KENNY. It’s a curious name for a dog, apparently – especially, a female dog. Here is an example of the type of conversation we have at least a couple of times a week during our morning walk…

“Oh your dog’s so cute!! He or she?”


“What’s her name?”



“No Kenny.”



“But it’s a girl. Why would you name her Kenny”? (walks away shrugging shoulders and scratching head).

Um, let me think about that. Why did we name our dog Kenny? Well, for the same reason Ryan and Blake named their daughter James. The same reason Gwyneth named her daughter Apple, after fruit. And for the same reason Kim and Kanye gave their first born a name that is a direction in orienteering – North.

Because we wanted to!!! We love the name Kenny and we think it suits her.

My daughter became so embarrassed by people’s reaction to a female dog being named Kenny that she started telling people it was actually McKenzie and we just call her Kenny for short!

I had to explain to her that there’s no explanation necessary and if other people can’t accept that the dog’s name is Kenny that’s their problem. I mean, I don’t particularly like the names Teddy, Max, Boss, Tank, Lulu, Channel, Molly and Bella for a dog, but you don’t see me shaking my head at dog owners when they call out for their pooches. (Sure, I might think Woofy? Seriously? You couldn’t come up with a better name than Woofy?…but I certainly don’t make the owner feel bad by saying it out loud).

So meet KENNY – our female Pug cross Pekingese – and the most popular member of our family…..

kenny-and-my-pink-shoesLet me tell you a bit about her. She’s been a much loved member of our family for 2 years. She was the runt of her litter and looked nothing like her brothers and sisters. She is mistaken for a Griffin regularly. She has the most divine nature. I’ve never heard her growl at another dog or at anyone or anything for that matter. She is wonderful with the kids. She loves birds, particularly chickens – and I don’t mean to eat – she actually loves them. Her best friend is a black cat. She once walked up to a tame rabbit and licked it. She rarely barks. She likes watching TV. She understands English. She kisses my partner by licking and nibbling on his ear lobe. (I know it sounds weird but it’s actually not in real life). She loves going to the beach for a swim. She loves being pulled along the sand on her stomach… …and, she’s a very eccentric eater.

No kibble. No canned dog food. No doggie treats or meats. But give her a bowl of chilli con carne, steamed rice, grated cheese and sour cream and she’s happy. Milk and Milo – yep. Pesto pasta – she likes that. Roast chicken and lamb, eye fillet of beef and mashed potato. Curries. Cadbury chocolate (top deck is her favourite just like me). She eats corn chips and pistachio nuts. And her favourite food is cheese and crackers. When she hears us opening the biscuits for the cheeseboard she knows she’s in for a treat and we always give her the good stuff, because, well, as you’ve probably gathered….she’s extremely spoilt.

And as if I don’t spend enough time in the kitchen, I’ve been known to specially cook meals for Kenny which my partner often mistakes for his own dinner. I’ve seen him down a couple of spoons of Kenny’s food before tipping it into her bowl…often mumbling something like “This would be good on a bit of toast”. I also make her these little rolls (like the dog rolls you find in the supermarket except with real food in them) and they’re great because you can keep them in the fridge and even freeze them.

Welcome to my World of Kenny the Dog.


(Dog food only – but if someone mistakenly finds it in the fridge and wacks it on a piece of toast it won’t kill them!)


1 cups of left over meat, chicken or fish (canned tuna/salmon)

½ cup cooked brown or white rice or cous cous

veggies (corn, grated carrot, grated sweet potato, peas)

1 egg (lightly beaten)

¼ cup water or left over stock

¼ cup grated cheese to hold it all together


Ok, there is no real method but basically I throw all the ingredients into a little frypan and cook them in a bit of olive oil for a couple of minutes. Then I break an egg into the mixture and give it a good stir.  I then take it off the heat once the egg is cooked and then mix the cheese in.  I then pour the mixture out onto a piece of glad wrap and wrap it tightly in the shape of a sausage – twisting each end like a bon bon.  I put it in the fridge to set – it should go hard.  Kenny has it for dinner – sometimes I cut the sausage into pieces and sometimes I give it to her whole and let her bite off the pieces herself!

“YUM!” says Kenny.

PS I know a lot of you are going to tell me dogs can’t eat cheese.  But my vet told me that some dogs can tolerate cheese/lactose and some can’t. Kenny doesn’t react badly to it but obviously if your dog does this recipe isn’t a good idea!  Although you could leave out the cheese…..

Am I the only insane person that cooks for my dog? Do you make special treats for your animal friend? What is it? Feel free to share your story or recipe….

Mars X


Marie Patane

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