I absolutely LOVE traditional meat lasagne and make it often, but this lighter vegetarian version is delicious too and makes a nice change.  I have tested it with both normal wheat and gluten free lasagne sheets and it works well with both.  In fact, the one in the picture is gluten free…The recipe says 300g grated pumpkin and 300g grated carrot but you can use 600g of just the pumpkin or carrot if you like – whatever you have in the fridge.  It’s a yummy lunch served with salad and yep…I’ve eaten it for breakfast too. (I often eat non breakfast food for breakfast!  The way I see it – why not eat chocolate cake, lasagne, and ice cream in the morning…that way you have the whole day to burn it off?? Makes sense to me! Anyway, give this a go – you won’t regret it….



60g butter

1/2 cup plain flour (GF plain flour if you’re doing GF)

3 cups milk

300g sour cream

1 cup grated tasty cheese

4 eggs

3 tbsp pesto (ready made – I use SACLA brand)

2 tsp salt

600g peel and grated combo of pumpkin and carrot (I do 300g of each but it really doesn’t matter how much of each you use as long as it’s 600g in total)

250g (1 packet) instant lasagne sheets (I used GF Latina fresh lasagne sheets from supermarket but you can of course use normal lasagne sheets too)

60g extra tasty cheese, grated, for the top


Preheat the oven to 160 degrees and grease a lasagne dish. I use olive oil spray.

Grate the pumpkin and carrot and set aside.

In a mixing bowl mix together the milk, sour cream and salt (I use an egg whisk) until there are no sour cream lumps. Set aside.

In a large heavy based pan, melt the butter on low heat. Add the flour and stir for a couple of minutes with a wooden spoon so the flour cooks. It should be golden and bubbly. Then slowly tip in the milk and sour cream mixture stirring continuously to making sure it’s nice and smooth and there are no lumps. (Basically you are making a bechamel sauce here).  Keep stirring the white sauce until it’s thickened – it will take a few minutes so be patient.  Don’t let the sauce boil for too long – when it just starts to bubble it should be thickened and you can take it off the heat.  Stir in the cheese and let it cool slightly.

Crack the 4 eggs into a bowl and beat well with a fork.

Once the white sauce has cooled (it doesn’t need to be cold but just cooled down enough so eggs don’t cook) tip in the eggs and give it a really good vigorous stir to make sure they’re mixed in well.

Tip about a third of this white sauce into a bowl and set aside – this will become the top layer of your lasagne.

To the rest of the sauce add the grated pumpkin, carrot and pesto and mix well.  That’s the sauce done – from here on it’s easy.

Get your lasagne sheets and assemble the lasagne as normal – alternating the pasta with the sauce.  I put about 1/2 cm of the sauce between each layer of pasta…..including a layer of it on the bottom of the lasagne dish before I start the assembly.  Once you’ve put the last layer of pasta on pour that plain white sauce you set aside on top and sprinkle with the extra tasty cheese.

Bake in the oven for about 40-50 minutes or until it’s nice and golden and puffy on top. Let it cool slightly before cutting into pieces and devouring. YUM YUM.

Let me know how you go!

Mars XX




Marie Patane

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