I’ve landed! Let me explain.

For most of my life I’ve felt like I was from another planet which is funny since  my nickname has always been Mars,  so I’m going to assume it’s the Planet Mars My creative brain is more evolved than my practical brain and although this makes for an interesting life both for me and the people around me – it can also make for one that’s crazy – and not in a good way!  Add two children into the mix and day to day life can get really challenging!

Food has always been such a big part of my life.  Many of my childhood memories involve cooking and eating with my family. Food is intertwined into my emotions and memories and has always been a big part of my every day life.  I can recall what I ate at a particular dinner 20 years ago more easily than I can recall where I put my car keys 20 minutes ago. If I went to your wedding or came to your house for dinner – chances are I remember what I ate there! I relate every event back to food and always remember what I ordered at a particular restaurant, no matter how many years have passed. (It’s a useless talent I know!)

Food is an important part of my life.  I’m not a chef and I’m no expert.   All I know is I love cooking. It comes naturally to me and it makes me happy. I also love eating!

I’ve always had a funny life. Funny things have always happened to me. I am a great observer of people, places and things and I can see the humour  in just about any situation.  I have been blessed in my life with many wonderful experiences and people. I have a law degree, I have worked in TV as a reporter and presenter, traveled the world in my job as a presenter with Qantas, I am a writer and filmmaker, I’m a teacher to TV hopefuls and I have my own little production company but I’m also a Mum, a girlfriend, a friend, a sister….and therefore a  juggler!  Sometimes I manage to keep all the balls in the air. Sometimes I drop one or two or three and everything falls apart.

So, PLANET MARS.ONLINE is a blog inspired by my love of food and my funny REAL  life.

I’ve also been a luddite up till now. I’ve never been on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and do not, until now have a digital imprint…so in many ways I’ve also landed in the age that is social media.  Arrghhhhhhh!! My teenage son thinks it’s hilarious that I’m about to have an Instagram account and has pre warned me not to be upset if I only get one follower – him!

So, I’ve finally done it. I’ve landed – and I’m bringing my ideas, my creative energy, my thoughts, my day to day life and my obsession with food to planet Earth through this website and blog. These things no longer exist in my own little world.

I don’t want your negative feedback – if you don’t like my blog or what I’m writing – we good!  But if you do – WELCOME!!  I am so happy we have found each other and I hope my writing inspires you, makes you feel like you’re not alone on your own little planet, makes you laugh and gives you a few good  recipes  along the way. And if you have any comments or you want to share any funny stories or recipes I’d love to hear from you.

Welcome to my World!
Mars X


Marie Patane


  • Peter V. says:

    Great intro! Congratulations…and by the way, I think I might be the first person to comment on this blog? Keep this funny stuff coming!

    • mm Marie Patane says:

      Hi Peter, yes you’re the first! Welcome – come back again!

  • Cate Bain says:

    What a wonderful blog Marie!
    I’ll definitely be trying all the recipes , they all look and sound amazing.
    Looking forward to future posts,
    I’m grateful to Breeze Magazine for helping me find you!

    • mm Marie Patane says:

      Hi Cate,

      Thank you! That’s so lovely to hear. Let me know how you go with the recipes…I’m new at this so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Welcome…

      Marie X

  • Sandi White says:

    Love you Mars! Welcome to the world of social media. Can’t wait to hear more.

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