NASI GORENG (PS I’ve adjusted heat levels to make it child friendly but feel free to double, (hell triple!)  the chilli content if you like it HOT)

Nasi Goreng is traditionally eaten for breakfast in Bali but realistically it’s probably not going to happen first thing in the morning for anyone that’s busy. I have done it for Sunday brunch but I mainly serve it for dinner in our house. There are so many versions, it really comes down to individual taste when you’re cooking it for your family at home so feel free to add vegetables you like and take out any ingredients you don’t like.   My favourite way to serve it is with a slow cooked, crispy bottomed, soft fried egg on top so you can mix the velvety yolk through the rice.   Others prefer it with slivers of cooked egg on top or you can use the even mix it through the rice if you want to hide it’s inclusion from the kids!

NOTE: Traditionally you’d do this in a wok over a hot flame but I just do mine in an electric wok or good thick bottomed fry pan on your stovetop.



2 ½ cups of white long grain rice

2 tbsp. honey

3 tbsp. kepac manis

2 tbsp. soy sauce

2 tbsp. sweet chilli sauce

3 tbsp. vegetable oil (I use Rice Bran oil)

1 onion

2 carrots, finely shredded

1 tsp shrimp paste

1 tbsp. sambal olek

4 large garlic cloves, crushed


4 boneless chicken thighs, chopped into small cubes so won’t take long to cook


4 shallots – sliced



4 Sunny side up fried eggs (or however many people you’re feeding)

Sliced Cucumber

Sliced tomatoes

Prawn crackers

Fried onions

Cracked Pepper


STEP 1: Steam rice ahead of time. I usually do it the day before. If you start with sticky, warm, just-cooked rice, your fried rice will turn out soggy, without those distinct chewy grains that a good fried rice has. Instead, cook the rice at least a day ahead of time and refrigerate. This helps to dry the grains out enough to give your fried rice a good texture.


Fluff up using a fork, and place in the fridge. Seriously though if you’re not organised enough to think a day ahead, which let’s face it, is most of us – don’t worry! Just steam the rice on the day and


STEP 2: I like to chop everything first so I’m not stopping and starting during the cook! So, do that and it’ll be much easier to handle the wok and the


STEP 3: In a small bowl combine the honey, kepac manis, soy and sweet chilli


STEP 4: In another bowl combine the shrimp paste, sambal olek and crushed garlic.


STEP 5: Heat oil and add shrimp, sambal and garlic mix – fry for a minute or so – be careful not to burn! Add onion and carrot and stir fry for another minute or so. If at any time, it’s looking too hot – take the wok or pan off the heat source for a few seconds.


STEP 6: Add the chicken and stir-fry until sealed and almost cooked.


STEP 7: Throw in the cold rice with the honey, kepac, soy and sweet chilli combo. Stir fry until the sauce has coated all the rice.


STEP 8:  Throw in sliced shallots and finish off making sure the rice is piping hot.


STEP 9: Take off heat and serve in a big platter or individually on small plates, topped with soft fried eggs and any garnish of your choice.  See ingredient list for what I use.


STEP 10: Break the soft fried egg and mix the gooey yolk through the rice.  EAT and Enjoy!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMM………..






















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